Onion Health Benefits – Growing Onions For Health

Onion Health Benefits – Growing Onions For Health

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Unassuming onions are anything but forgettable and featured prominently in a variety of dishes and cuisines to delicious effect, but are onions good for you? The health benefits of onions have been studied and verified, but eating onions for health reasons is a centuries old practice. In fact, your grandmother may have rubbed onions on your chest when sick with a cold. What are some onion health benefits to growing onions? Let’s learn more.

Are Onions Good for You?

The simple answer is yes! Eating onions has health benefits. For one thing, onions are low in calories and sodium, and contain no fat or cholesterol. This makes them a healthy option to flavor foods versus adding salt, sugar, or fat.

Onions are rich in vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, sulphuric compounds, flavonoids, and phytochemicals. We have all heard about the benefits of vitamin C, but what about the other nutrients?

Growing Onions for Health

There are many other healthful reasons to grow and eat these vegetables. Flavonoids are what accounts for the brilliant color of some vegetables. They have been shown to reduce the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and Parkinson’s. A flavonoid found in onions, quercetin, acts as an antioxidant that may help prevent cancer and have heart health benefits.

Quercetin also eases the symptoms associated with bladder infections, promotes prostate health, and lowers blood pressure. The health benefits of onions don’t just stop with flavonoids though.

Other phytochemicals found in onions help maintain health and have antimicrobial effects. Since onions are used in so many different cuisines, they are likely the best source of antioxidants which lend onions their distinct flavor. The antioxidant, polyphenol, protects the body against free radicals which also support a healthy immune system.

Onions are rich in amino acids such as sulfur. Sulfur aids in protein synthesis and the building of cells. Sulfur also acts as a natural blood thinner in turn reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke. As if all these health benefits of onions aren’t enough, there’s more.

Onions increase oxylipins that aid in regulating blood fat levels and cholesterol. Again, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Another health benefit of onions is anti-inflammatory. Onions have the potential to relieve asthma symptoms. At the same time, the quercetin reduces allergic reactions by thwarting the production of histamines, the things that make us sneeze and itch.

If you are growing and eating onions for health, keep in mind that the benefits are most accessible when the bulb is eaten raw, although cooked onions are still good for you. Raw onions simply have higher amounts of flavonoids, as does the outer layers of onion flesh, so remove as little as possible of the onion when peeling it.

Health Benefits of Onions

Learn more about onion nutrition, types of onions and how they can help keep you healthy.

Onions are known for flavoring those delicious, savory dishes and making the toughest chefs shed a tear, but did you know that they were also nutritious? It's true! These flavorful bulbs contain a ton of nutrients that are essential for our overall well-being. Even though they're not super colorful like other vegetables that often steal the spotlight, they actual deliver a lot of nutrition. Plus, there are so many ways to enjoy onions as part of your diet—whether you're adding them to a salad, using them as the base for a soup or stir-frying them with a yummy sauce. Here's more about onion nutrition and why they're so good for you.

Are Onions Good For You: Learn About Health Benefits Of Onions - garden

Onions have great nutritional benefits which include rich in antioxidants, reduces the risk of cataracts, fights against cancer, improves digestion, helps to stimulate the immune system, lowers blood sugar level, it enhances the brain, boost energy, relieves earache, nourishes the skin, treatment of acne and pimples.

Onions are much more than most people think it is because it contains nutrients which are beneficial to health either when consumed raw or used in cooking.

Below are the Benefits Derived from Onions

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Onions contain an antioxidant known as quercetin which eliminates the chances of inflammation and as well helps in preventing the body cells from damaging due to too much oxidation processes.

2. Reduces the Risk of Cataracts

Onions are good for the eyes, it contains sulphur which is known to be one of the minerals that helps improve the eye, this is so because of the sulphuric compound is known as Allyl Propyl Disulfide.

This is what makes the tear ducts to get irritated when cutting onions thereby washing the cornea as well as stimulating the effective production of glutathione (protein) which helps to reduce the chances and risks of cataracts, glaucoma and the rest.

3. Help Relieves Cold Symptoms

The presence of manganese in onions is good for the body because it contains anti-inflammatory abilities which help to relieve cold as well as flu.

4. Fights Against Cancer

Eating onions mainly the red onions can effectively help in the fight against cancer because of its high content of quercetin, and the presence of organ sulfur found in onions can as well help improve the heart conditions and reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

According to World’s Healthiest Foods from the George Mateljan Foundation shows that daily eating of onion helps to reduce the risk of colorectal, laryngeal, ovarian, oral and esophageal cancer.

Also, a 2016 study in Integrative Cancer Therapies indicates that consuming fresh yellow onion helps to lower insulin resistance and hyperglycemia in breast cancer patients undergoing a form of chemotherapy known to cause insulin resistance.

5. Improves Digestion

It helps to improve digestion because of its fiber content. The body contains some healthy bacteria’s, and onions fiber helps in keeping the level of such bacteria’s normal.

Onion contains oligofructose, a special soluble fiber that promotes good bacteria growth in the intestines.

6. Helps to Stimulate the Immune System

Selenium present in onions helps to stimulate the proper functioning of the immune system and to also maintain a normal level of an immune response.

The anti-inflammatory properties of onions make it good for the respiratory system as it helps in the prevention and treatment of colds, asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory issues.

Onions contain polyphenols that act as antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals so as to maintain a strong immune system.

7. Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Onion is an effective ingredient that lowers the level of blood sugar in the body, this is so because it contains what is called Allyl Propyl Disulfide which may help to increase the insulin amount in the body by decreasing the glucose levels.

A study on onion clear shown that eating red onions can help in reducing the risk of getting Type 1 & 2 diabetes due to its ability to lower the level of glucose within 4 hours.

8. Enhances the Brain

A Sulfur compound found in onions named di-n-propyl trisulfide helps to increase memory impairment, therefore enhancing brain memory and overall health.

9. Boost Energy

The dietary fiber in onions slows digestion and keeps the energy levels active. It helps to increase the bulk stool due to adequate digestion thereby preventing the risk of constipation.

10. Relieves Ear Ache

Although not scientifically proven, Onion juice helps to cure health problems by heating it up in the oven and squeezing out the juice, then add a few drops to the infected ear.

Onion juice is great medicine for curing ear ailments that many people aren’t aware of.

11. Nourishes the Skin

Onions are richly endowed with nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, and E, all of which promotes skin health. These vitamins protect the skin from free radicals and bacteria that causes premature aging. Studies indicate that vitamin C helps to keeps the skin glowing and radiating.

This antioxidant also fights against the damages caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays on the skin and keeps it wrinkle-free. It protects the skin and leaves it radiating and soft.

Also applying fresh onion juice to the skin helps to boost blood circulation in the body and as well remove skin impurities due to the richness of phytonutrients and antioxidants.

12. Treatment of Acne and Pimple

Onion extract or cream that contains onion can be used in the treatment of acne and pimple on the face because it contains antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties.

Onion juice as well is used to treat dark spots and pigmentation.

13. Beneficial for Stronger Hair Growth

Onion Juice is beneficial for hair growth due to its rich content of sulfur and keratin. This sulfur helps to stimulate collagen which promotes stronger hair growth and treating dandruff by killing the bacteria that causes the growth of dandruff.

Apply fresh onion juice on the hair and scalp basically for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with a shampoo and lukewarm water, it helps to increase blood supply to the hair follicles which helps to thicken the hair.

Fresh Onion juice also serves as a hair conditioner and scalp infection treatment, but in some cases where the smell of onion makes you uncomfortable, try to replace them with garlic as that also works well for hair growth.

14. Keeps the Teeth Healthy

Onions contain Sulphur compound named thiosulfinates and thiosulfonates that help to reduce bacteria which tend to cause tooth decay. It is advised that eating them raw seems to be the best at cooking it loses its beneficial compounds.

15. Improves Sleep and Reduces Depression

Onions contain folate and homocysteine, which studies show that it improves sleep and reduces depression. It also prevents chemicals from accumulating in the brain cells. Excess homocysteine collides with serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine that enhances sleep and mood.

16. Helps to Prevent Blood Clotting

A chemical compound named rutin is found in Onions which helps to prevent blood clotting in the body. Several studies on rat indicate that rutin is the most potently anti-thrombotic compound.

Clotting occurs in the arteries and veins, and in arteries, the clot is rich in platelet while in veins they are rich in fibrin.

17. Bites and Stings Treatment

Onions are also an active medicine for treating stings and bites. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce pain and healing wounds faster so as to avoid swelling and itching.

For this process, just slice the onion and place it in the area of the bite or sting and it will go a long way in healing the wound faster.

18. Oxidative Stress Protection

Onion juice helps to moderate oxidative stress in the body. The quercetin onion juice contains helps to prevent diseases that relate to oxidative stress and protects the DNA against damage caused by oxidative stress.

A recent study indicates that onions also help to lower diabetes which is an accumulated oxidative stress in the body.

19. Improve Sexual Health

Onion Juice benefits a lot to men as it increases their fertility level especially when mixed with honey. It helps in erectile dysfunction and managing of sexual impotence.

Nutritional Value of Onions

Nutrients contained in onions include folate, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C, iron, selenium, vitamin B6, manganese, calcium, sulfur etc. some of these nutrients are contained in small properties and some in larger proportion.

Bone, Connective Tissue, Gut Health, and Diabetes Benefits

Several human studies have shown that frequent (daily) consumption of onion can actually help to increase bone density in post-menopausal women, and help prevent fractures related to osteoporosis. What’s more, the high sulphur content of onions helps to strengthen and support strong connective tissue in the body including tendons, ligaments, cartilage and collagen—and even hair.

Onions supply healthy antibacterial properties, helping to prevent everything from cavities and gum disease, to ulcers from h. pylori and food-borne illnesses. Studies have shown onions to be effective against streptococcus strains and porphyromonas gingivalis among other bacteria, especially from fresh, raw onions. So add fresh onions to your salads, salsas, and picnic food to help ensure you don’t get sick!

Onions contain a prebiotic fiber, inulin, that helps to feed and encourage the growth of healthy gut bacteria which creates a stronger immune system, assists in healthy absorption and assimilation of food, and actually helps your mood and brain function. Inulin is also thought to be responsible for helping to prevent obesity and lower your risk of diabetes.

In those with type 2 diabetes, inulin helped to improve blood sugar reactions and maintain a more stable glucose level. Another compound in onion, allium cepa, was shown to have a significant effect on lowering blood sugar in another study with rats, although more research needs to be done.

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Onions

1. Stronger Immunity

The defense mechanism of our body is our immune system and a healthy immune system will ensure we do not contract diseases that are caused due to bacteria, fungus, and viral infections. Nature has many natural ways to help prevent free radicals from affecting our body. Onions are one of these natural ways to build a stronger immunity. The vitamin C present in onions is the reason onions are believed to protect us from many diseases. The phytonutrients present in onions help the antioxidant properties of the vegetable to take full effect.

2. Prevent Cancer

Free radicals that enter the body and cause abnormal cell growth lead to cancer. Cancer is a disease that keeps on growing. Prevention is the cure in this case, and using foods that help reduce its chances is the best option.

Onions contain phytonutrients such as quercetin and other flavonoids that help fight the free radicals. Sulfur-compounds found in onions are also helpful in fighting the effects of cancer.

3. Detoxifying Properties

Detoxing has become a popular health trends nowadays, but aside from being trendy, it is extremely crucial for our body. Detoxing basically helps our body to flush out several toxins and bad cholesterol due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise.

Onions are an extremely good way of keeping our bodies toxin-free. Onions contain sulfur-compounds and amino acids that help clear out the digestive system and help expel the harmful toxins from within.

4. Aids in Antioxidant Production

Some vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and onions help the body produce its own antioxidants. This is the best way to help prevent the effect of free radicals. Studies show that onions help the body produce Glutathione. This not only helps fight cancerous elements, but is also extremely beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart.

5. Healthy Digestion

It is rich in dietary fiber, which acts as a natural laxative and ensures comfortable bowel movements. Fiber helps clean the intestines and remove waste from the body. Onions also contain saponins that help relieve stomach aches and cramps.

6. Helps Manage Anemia

Anemia is caused iron deficiency and can be a fatal disease. There are various conventional medicines that help balance and maintain the levels of hemoglobin in our bodies. However, going the natural route prevents us from the side effects of the conventional medication. It contain 0.2mg of iron per 100 gram and a good amount of folate. Folate is a phytochemical that helps absorb iron to its full potential and is often recommended to pregnant women.

7. Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can hit at anytime if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat processed and junk foods. The biggest problem in managing diabetes is maintaining a safe blood sugar level. Raw onion consumption is recommended to keep your sugar levels in check and prevent them from getting out of hand.

8. Hair Growth

There are often instances when we start losing hair or it starts going gray. This may be due to age, stress or lack of specific nutrients. Eating protein and potassium-rich foods is helpful in preventing these complications. There are many hair masks that can be made with onions to apply, which you can apply to your hair and scalp. Not only are onions known to promote hair growth, but is also a good remedy for dandruff. Mixing onion juice with yogurt and leaving it on the hair for half an hour can help strengthen your hair and cleanse your scalp.

9. Anti-Aging

The antioxidant nature of it is no secret it also helps boost the internal production of antioxidants in your body. Aging is caused by the accumulation of the harmful elements that our skin absorbs and also by the effects of free radicals. Onions, with their detoxifying and antioxidant properties helps slow down the aging process.

10. Anti-fungal and Antimicrobial

Not only do onions prevent infections and viral diseases from entering the body, they also help fight the bacteria present in our mouths. Some people recommend chewing an onion in the morning for 3 minutes to get rid of the bacteria in the mouth.

11. Pain Relief

I still remember being advised by my grandmother to rub a sliced onion on the affected area if stung by a blue bottle or a bee or when I scrapped my knee. I do not know how that worked, but it did provide instant relief. Same goes for ear irritation, add a few drops of onion juice to a cotton pad and apply it on your ear to get rid of the pain and discomfort.

12. Relieve Cough and Cold Symptoms

When suffering from a cough or flu virus, we often brew teas to find some solace. It is recommended to add an onion in hot water when preparing tea. Onion juice added to honey can also be taken to help reduce any swelling in your throat.

13. Healthy Bones

Onions can be helpful in treating bone loss as they have been found to contain growth plate chondrocytes. They also have the compounds that help rebuild connective tissue.

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