What grows in the garden of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

What grows in the garden of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

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Residents of the village of Gryaz are proud that the Prima Donna's family lives next to them. A popular Russian parodist presented his beloved with a six-story castle, which can be called the ancestral nest of a star couple. There are 20 skillfully furnished living rooms, a chic conservatory, a winter garden, a swimming pool and parking.

The adorable twins Harry and Lisa have a wonderful childhood. They can play not only in a luxurious mansion, but also enjoy the delights of every season, walking on a huge plot. The area of ​​the famous estate is 1 hectare. An arboretum occupies 700 square meters.

Maxim Galkin with great pleasure tells his subscribers about the beauty of a cozy fairytale nest located in a quiet place without noisy hypermarkets and developed infrastructure. The famous showman loves to post videos filmed in a fragrant garden in the feed.

A large wooden ship with long masts is immediately striking in the picturesque territory. Harry and Lisa may imagine they are desperate pirates chasing a fairy-tale ship, or they may be sailing on the flagship of the Royal Navy. It's nice to feel that you are in command of an entire squadron.

The site, of course, is planned out, but strikes with elements of untouched savagery. You can endlessly hide in the thickets.

The magnificent castle is surrounded by majestic trees - slender chestnuts, strewn with snow-white candles with small yellow specks. Spring ignites white and pink fire in the midst of green foliage. Blooming chestnuts cheer you up, lavish fragrance.

The prima donna and Maxim Galkin love maples, of which there are a lot of them on the site. These trees are the decoration of the territory. Alla Borisovna and children often look at large patterned leaves, and in the fall they make up gorgeous bouquets of them.

Lovely linden trees with black trunks and leaves in the form of hearts also grow in the garden of the star family. No wonder the ancient Slavs dedicated the tree to the goddess of love Lada. In the graceful dense crown of plants, light and shadow play charmingly with tints. In the kitchen of Pugacheva, they often prepare fragrant healing tea from honey fragrant linden flowers.

The hedges of the plot are tightly entwined with maiden grapes. The plant is just a find. It is not so difficult to look after him. But it is pleasant to watch how the carved leaves curl.

Tender lilac bushes also grow on the territory. Blooming inflorescences look charming against the background of a clear sky. I just want to find a small wreath of five petals, make a cherished wish. Apparently, this is what the star lovers do.

The queen of the garden is a luxurious white hydrangea. Its value lies in the fact that decorativeness remains even at the beginning of autumn. When many shrubs and perennials die away, the beautiful hydrangea still delights with its snow-white spherical inflorescences. Maxim Galkin is often involved in pruning lush shrubs.

Included in the landscape design of the site is one of the most beautiful ground cover plants - subulate phlox. It forms soft pink and purple cushions in luscious grass. Even in winter, the plant does not lose its decorative effect. Outwardly, phlox resembles a small carnation. Its creeping stems are covered with tough narrow leaves. The original plant pleases the prima donna.

Alla Borisovna and Maxim applied the experience of the English aristocrats. Their picturesque lawn is decorated with delicate daisies. The Greeks called them pearls because the wild plant had small white flowers. The mistress of the castle prefers tiny daisies with red and pale pink flowers. These wonderful plants open their velvet petals first in the morning.

Tulips are wonderful companions of pink terry daisies. These fragile flowers are liked by the Prima Donna. Alla Borisovna breathes in the aroma of silk petals of delicate tulips growing in her garden with great pleasure.

The star couple did not forget about the king of flowers - an exquisite gladiolus. Not a single plant can be compared with it in terms of a variety of shapes, corolla sizes, colors.

When chrysanthemums bloom in the garden, they turn the territory of the famous estate into an island of splendor and a kingdom of beauty.

The prima donna appreciates healthy plants. On the site, you can see bright yellow balls of blooming immortelle. He is a recognized physician for liver and gallbladder diseases.

Alla Borisovna respects the celandine, which unfolds the petals with the arrival of swallows. Its golden-yellow umbrella-shaped inflorescences are visible in the garden of Galkin and Pugacheva from May to August. A decoction of the herb helps with various skin diseases, cures gout and rheumatism.

A carpet of bright green feathery leaves with tiny sunny flowers covers large areas of the showman and Russian pop star from May to early autumn. Crow's feet is a panacea for female diseases. Alla Borisovna could not ignore the plant.

A relative of wasabi, horseradish, spread its large oblong leaves in a luxurious arboretum. The plant has a positive effect on bowel function, lowers blood pressure, and is known for its antibacterial effect. For the healing properties, pungency and characteristic aroma of horseradish, Galkin and Pugacheva love.

Sunflowers, corn, cabbage grow in the famous garden of Alla Borisovna. And also tomatoes, peas, potatoes, cucumbers.

The neighbors call the Prima Donna the first cook in the village. Everyone knows her signature recipe - cutlets with apples. Pugachev's grated fruits are added to the minced meat. The dish turns out to be juicy, soft and extremely tasty. The prima donna collects apples in the garden herself.

The favorite vacation spot for Pugacheva and her children is the area near the reservoir. This is a fabulous place. The water in the pond shimmers with a blue-turquoise color. On the calm surface, there are large rounded leaves of pale pink and white lilies. The head of the star family is engaged in aquatic plants.

The popularly beloved singer, her husband and children live in complete harmony with nature.

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Maxim Galkin showed a greenhouse and a vegetable garden, which the Prima Donna herself looks after

During self-isolation, everyone tries to find something to their liking. The famous star couple coped with this 100 points. In the village near Moscow, Gryaz, in addition to the couple's six-story family nest, now boasts one more attraction. The estate has not only a marvelous greenhouse, a royal pool, a fragrant garden, but also a greenhouse.

According to the parodist, Alla Borisovna came up with the idea to put it on the site. Now the family can enjoy luxurious radishes, bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots right from the garden! Maxim himself does not mind picking vegetables for the Prima Donna, and she is known for her culinary skills.

By the way, the neighbors call the singer the best cook in the village. The greenhouse has an incredible aroma.

Apple paradise during the flowering period, filmed by Galkin, also won the hearts of fans.

The showman admits that Alla is mostly engaged in the greenhouse, sometimes specialists help her. However, some subscribers left angry comments with suspicions of PR from the stars and accusations that the service is doing everything for them.

You can imagine how happy the wonderful twins Harry and Lisa are with such beauties. Pugacheva also prepares gorgeous cutlets with apples according to her own recipe. The secret is that it adds fruit to the minced meat, and it turns out to be an unusually lush and aromatic dish.

It is not surprising that the parodist calls the greenhouse "the holy of holies", and Maxim's followers on Instagram are probably very pleased that the star takes them on a tour of his vastness, sharing a piece of his innermost.

The castle is surrounded by mighty maples, which are so loved by the famous couple, and chestnuts, which exude a pleasant aroma. In the fall, the whole family gathers gorgeous bouquets of leaves, spending time together. And thanks to the wonderful linden trees, the household enjoys fragrant tea, which can always be found in the cozy kitchen.

The area is adorned with climbing grapes and purple lilac bushes. The pride of the estate is the hydrangea, which is often taken care of by Maxim himself. Phloxes delight the stars.

The handsome gladiolus also adorns the couple's marvelous garden. And with the flowering of chrysanthemums, even greater splendor comes to the site.

Special attention is paid to medicinal plants. The immortelle, whose inflorescences do not fade even after cutting the flower, can be seen on the territory of the garden. Alla Borisovna has not forgotten about the helper from female diseases - Potentilla goose.

By the end of self-isolation and the pandemic, the garden will look even more beautiful.

"Mansions" by Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, which are falling apart before our eyes.

Rich people have their own quirks. Many celebrities have real estate abroad, a bunch of houses, apartments, summer cottages, but someone wants something special too. For example, to pump the loot into a "rotten" castle, as Maxim Galkin did. Yes, and be proud of this type of property!

Maksim Galkin since childhood, he dreamed of living in a castle. He said that he even saw in a dream what his house should look like. Therefore, accidentally seeing an unremarkable hill in the village of Gryaz, he decided that his castle should be located exactly on this place.

In the village of Gryaz, Odintsovo District, Moscow Region Galkin built a real castle on a 1 hectare plot. The castle consists of six floors, the building has a freight elevator, an underground garage for 4 cars, two servants' houses, a winter garden and a greenhouse. Without land, the construction of the castle cost the comedian 10 million euros, and the interior decoration cost Galkin 30 million euros.

The main wish to the architects was the creation of an expressive, unlike anything project, therefore several architectural styles were used during the construction. The castle stands on the top of an 11-meter hill, the entrance is guarded by sculptures of dragons and harpies. Such a sculptural solution was wanted by Galkin himself, who was born in the Year of the Dragon.

The interior of the Pugacheva and Galkin castle: photo inside

The interior of the castle is decorated in a classic Victorian style, so all the furniture in the house is made "antique". On the ground floor there is a huge hall with a large oak table, fireplace and Murano glass chandelier. Similar chandeliers adorned the residences of Nicholas II.

Among the numerous rooms there is a fireplace room, a smoking room, offices, dressing rooms and a whole wing for guests. Furniture, paintings and sculptures that adorn the interior are antiques.

According to experts, in order to keep such a huge house clean, a lot of service personnel are needed: maids, cooks, a gardener (preferably two), a person involved in cleaning the pool, security. By the way, Maxim, when choosing service personnel, prefers Filipinos, since they do not know Russian and will not be able to tell journalists the details of the life of the star couple. In general, monthly about 500,000 rubles are spent on maintaining a house, because Galkin has to pay 20,000 rubles for gas alone, and about 5,000 for electricity.

The bedroom of Maxim and Alla is located on the top floor. It is decorated in Italian style. You can get to the bedroom either by elevator or by stairs, made to order for 100,000 euros. Also, a separate room decorated in red colors was arranged for the Prima Donna.

On the ground floor there is also a kitchen equipped with the latest equipment. Experts estimate its cost at 700,000 euros!

The castle of Pugacheva and Galkin is falling apart before our eyes:

"As it turned out, the six-story house worth $ 10 million was built incorrectly. And in order to hide all the shortcomings and sell the magnificent castle to the Prima Donna, the workers" covered up "the shortcomings of the voluminous figures of gargoyles."

On the one hand, the castle is built in the "image and likeness" of Maxim - you look and immediately laugh. By the way, the castle outside is, in principle, not bad. The architecture is quite "zamkovskaya" ... not a Disney castle, of course, but all the same. But inside, in my opinion, there is complete bad taste. Well, I don’t know how you can live in such an atmosphere. My grandmother's old, dilapidated house is probably more comfortable than here. Although maybe Maxim tried to make the castle just like that ... maybe Alla, at her not young age, wanted something old. Of course, it's not for me to judge, because each person has his own taste. But the fact that the castle is falling apart before our eyes, "all the news is whistling." The main thing is that the roof does not fall on your head. And with a sweetheart, and "paradise in a hut."

By the way, how many points would the architecture and interior of this castle have on a 5-point scale?


Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin have repeatedly admitted that they love to spend time with children. However, stellar parents cannot be with the kids every minute, because they need to go on tour and attend social events. That is why a whole army of assistants regularly look after Lisa and Harry.

So, each of the kids has his own nanny. Employees are around the clock with children and live in the famous castle of the star couple. Their services cost about 100 thousand rubles a month.

In addition, the spouses' mansion is regularly visited by a teacher who hails from France. He gives the kids additional language lessons, and the services of a specialist cost about 100 thousand rubles a month.

If Lisa and Harry go to a social event, then their guards accompany them. The journalists managed to find out that the staff of the star family consists of at least five security guards, each of whom receives a good salary.

Well, the five-year-old heirs of the singer and humorist are taken to the kindergarten by a personal driver who makes sure that nothing happens to the kids on the way. At the same time, friends of the spouses have repeatedly noted that the whole family is respectful of the service personnel. Alla Pugacheva tries to educate children so that they value any work and are polite to a person who works to preserve their family well-being.

Alla Pugacheva sent her children to a French kindergarten

Recently, the twin children of Russian artists Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Harry and Lisa, turned two years old. The stellar parents decided that it was time to send their children to kindergarten and chose not a simple preschool institution, but with a bias in the French language.

A close friend of Alla Borisovna, Mila Stavitskaya, shared in an interview her impressions of the twins and admitted that they had already learned to speak well. But most of all she was struck by how the children quickly learn the language and already know many French words.

The children of Alla Borisovna and Maxim already speak well. I think it is right to teach them languages ​​from childhood, ”said Mila.

Watch the video of Alla Pugacheva for the song War:

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